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  • Tours

Will we return to the ship in time to board?

    Yes, this is a worry-free excursion and you are guaranteed a timely return back to the ship to board.

What does "island time" vs."ship time" mean?

    Between the first week of November to the first week in March some ships observes Daylight saving time "Ship time" which is one hour behind while other ships stay on Standard Time.

    Amigo Tours tour operating times are "Local Island Time" so we might be one hour ahead and the trip begin to the time zone of the port we are in. We recommend that you log on to www.worldtimeserver.com to figure out what the local time will be compared to your ship.

Where is the check in for a tour?

    Cruise passengers should meet at the EDC Lot.

    Hotel guest will be picked-up in the lobby of their respective hotel.

    For those that are tendered, the location will be in front of the Court House on the Front Street.

Will we be dropped off at the same location we were picked up?

    Yes, hotel guests will be dropped off at their hotel.

    Cruise guests will also be dropped off at the cruise port but have the option to be dropped off in Philipsburg (Down town).

How do we get back to the ship if we stop off in Philipsburg (Down town)?

    Philipsburg (Down Town) is approximately a mile away from the cruise port and guests have the options of land and water taxi (4 minutes) or walk (15 minutes appox).

What language will the driver / tour guide speak?

    All of our drivers / tour guides speak English which is the main spoken language throughout the island, but we also have drivers/tour guides speaking Spanish, French and German. When booking please let us know if you have any special language requirements.

Would we be joined by others if we book a private tour?

    No. With a private tour booking you will have a chartered vehicle along with a driver / guide for your family or group exclusively.

Are our drivers / tour guides allowed to receive tips for their tours?

    Absolutely! A tip is a thank you and a token of appreciation for doing a great job. Industry standards for tipping a driver / tour guide is 15% - 20% of the cost of the tour.
  • Bookings

Do we have to make a deposit to book a tour?

    We may ask for a deposit during our reservations confirmation process

What is the company's cancellation policy?

    Customer cancellation are to be received within 3 days of their check-in time. Cancellation made less than 3 days in advance and "no-shows" will be charged the full amount.

What happens if a ship don't dock as schedule?

    In the event a customer's tour is cancelled by Amigo Tours or a ship don't dock at St. Maarten's port for any reason, we will provide a full refund.
  • Vehicles

Are the vehicle air-conditioned?

    Yes, all our vehicles are fully air-conditioned for your comfort.

Are the vehicle equipped to handle guests with walkers or wheelchairs?

    Yes, we can handle walkers and wheelchairs (foldable) and scooters depending on factors.

Are the vehicle equipped to hold baby car seat and do you supply?

    Yes, we are equipped to hold baby car seat and offer them upon request.

How many passengers can your vehicles accommodate comfortably?

    We have vehicles to accommodate any group size comfortably.

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